I am currently working as a UX Designer and Front-End Developer at Acando / CGI's Innovation Lab, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Before this, I received a Master's degree in Interaction Design at Chalmers University of Technology, and a Bachelor's degree in Computing Science in The Netherlands, where I've also worked as UX designer and front-end developer.

I'm passionate about shaping technology as a beautiful and empowering tool for people to realise their own ambitions.

I enjoy all parts of the design and development process, and in particular I like creating interactive prototypes to validate ideas or guide product development. Above all, I strive to keep learning and giving back through sharing and teaching.

Résumé as PDF


Interaction Design, MSc

Chalmers University of Technology

Gothenburg, Sweden

Computing Science, BSc

Radboud University

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Industrial Design, BSc Minor

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Work Experience

UX Engineer at Acando / CGI’s Innovation Lab
Aug 2019 - Present

I helped start up the Innovation Lab at Acando, where I’m currently employed as UX designer and front-end developer, creating POCs and MVPs for clients with emerging tech like AR and Voice UIs.

Master Thesis at the Techno Creatives
Jan 2019 - Jun 2019

Designing and prototyping augmented reality experiences for brick-and-mortar retail stores at a digital product agency in Gothenburg.

UX Design Trainee at Fonk Amsterdam
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Full-time summer traineeship at a digital product agency in Amsterdam. I conducted user research, and designed and prototyped interfaces. I helped a start-up define their MVP, independently completed and presented a project for an existing client, and designed microinteractions for an upcoming AR app. I also gave a Framer workshop to the UX design team.

UX Designer and Front-End Developer at Radboud Centre for Social Sciences
Feb 2017 — Jun 2017

In this four month project I designed and developed a web portal. I performed user research, interaction and visual design, ran usability tests, and developed the front-end in React, together with two other developers.

Freelance UX Designer and Front-End Dev
Oct 2016—Jan 2017

Designed and developed front and back-end (NodeJS) of a web app to automatically generate and analyse questionnaires.

Teaching Assistant in Usability / UX

Taught usability, user research, and UX in B.Sc. courses at the Radboud University, and M.Sc. courses at Chalmers university. I hosted lectures and workshops, gave assignments, grading, and feedback. Re- ceived a certificate in teaching methods.


  1. Design
    1. User Interface (UI)
    2. User Experience (UX)
    3. Interation
    4. Product
    5. AR / VR
  2. Development
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Javascript
    4. React
    5. React Native
    6. NodeJS
    7. Angular
    8. Swift
    9. iOS
  3. Tools
    1. Sketch
    2. Framer
    3. Photoshop
    4. InDesign
    5. After Effects
    6. Cinema4D
    7. Unity
    8. Unreal Engine
    9. XCode
  4. Methods
    1. User-Centered Design
    2. Observations, Interviews, and Questionnaires
    3. Data Analysis
    4. Ideation Workshops
    5. Sketching
    6. Prototyping
    7. Usability and UX Evaluation
    8. Scrum & Kanban
Fun Fact

My favorite typefaces are Kepler by Robert Slimbach of Adobe and Rucksack by Jeffrey Schreiber of RegularBoldItalic.